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Q3 2023 (1)

Be part of an extravagant community. Whether in the trend. Be Monaki! 


  • We are building the Monaki community on Ton in Telegram. Our Discord is already up and running with 5000+ members - Chats and Discord channels are closed until the first collection drop on Ton. Only Telegram and Twitter are active. 

  • Preparation of the first OG (early) drop of the collection by artist and project chief designer Marta (Serbia).

  •  Collaborations and partnerships with other projects. WL distribution. 

  • AMA sessions of founders with the community. 

  • Marketing in Telegram and Twitter. 

  • Community and Style! Community and style. Style is everything! Community is everything! The community is actively involved in shaping the concept of the project.

  •  Community activity, games, contests.

Q3 2023 (2)

First OG drop of MONAKI collection on Ton on the Ton blockchain on


  • Mint of the first part of the Monaki (OG) collection on the Ton blockchain on the Launchpad 

  • Immediately after the mint, opening Discord for holders. Giving OG collection holders early access to benefits and roadmap.

  • Opening a fancy Staking platform for mining the Monk token! An example of our already established Staking platform on the Solana blockchain:

  • Stake your NFT Monaki in Staking and earn Monk token! The rarer the nft (and also the more NFT collections you have) - the more token you earn. Later you will discover the amazing world of possibilities that the Monk token will provide you with!

  • Discover the big world of possibilities of the Monk token!

  • Launch the project's large marketplace. Exchange the Monk token earned in the Staking platform for new clothes and accessories for your NFTs! Exchange Monk token on the marketplace for gadgets, various online courses, items, goods and services! Participate for Monk token in auctions and lotteries, getting really valuable and necessary things for life.

Q4 2023

Second Monaki collection drop on


  • Mint the second part of the Monaki collection on the Ton blockchain on the Launchpad. Whitelists only for the first collection's holders.

Q1-Q2 2024

Launch of the MonBeau social network for NFT MONAKI holders.

A unique product of the project team and the Monaki community. Big step of the project in the development of Web3. Community, style, trend, Monaki!

Q3-Q4 2024

Ton ecosystem development. Creation of paid tools for the ecosystem - 50% of income is given to the project holders.

Q4 2024

Project Roadmap Update. Roadmap 2.0.

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