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Web3 social network on the Ton blockchain

In it each user creates a profile as in any social network, only this profile is linked to a Ton wallet and to a specific NFT MONAKI. 


In this social network users create posts that can be of any kind, images, photos, videos, music files, podcasts, and they automatically become non-transferable (NFT), these posts are created in order to sell, buy, auction or share them on the network itself or on the MONAKI community marketplace.


MonBeau brings together a TON!

As a MonBeau user, you open up a huge world of possibilities! MonBeau's state-of-the-art design attracts you at first sight. 


Follow your favourite artists, characters and communities on TON!  Interact and comment on posts, make collaborations and find new vectors of development for your communities and projects! Develop and build your products together with us. Show everyone the uniqueness of your products. 

Decentralised advertising on MonBeau

Communities on Ton are scattered all over the world. We'll help you focus on one platform so you can interact with each other more easily.


Use MonBeau's expertise to generate revenue! 


We're creating something very exciting - decentralised advertising on MonBeau. Get income simply for viewing adverts.

Pink Powder

Access to MonBeau is only for holders of the second MONAKI collection on Ton - Drop 2 and for subscription when paying with our Monk token!

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