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CEO & Founder / Serbia

The captain of this ship. The person who created the team. He's over 30... He's Tosiqyu. He clearly knows what to do and where to go.

Andrew Ch
Co-founder / Italy

Businessman. Over 30 years in business. Owner of a large pizza delivery chain in Europe, as well as the owner of an Italian restaurant. He has experience of successful crypto investments over the past 5 years. Collects vintage cars.

Co-founder, Marketing Team Lead / Spain

Experienced entrepreneur. He has vast experience in creating projects and has been actively involved in the marketing of many projects for several years. Spanish genius, philanthropist, playboy.

Artist, Designer / Serbia

She works with companies, agencies, startups and individuals all over the world. She makes cutting edge interactive design, unique art direction and creative direction. With over seven years experience in the industry.

There are 20 other people in our team

Among them are dev's, programmers, marketers, administrators, collab managers and moderators. All of them have a lot of successful experience in their careers. They work on the project every day. Each of them is an important member of the team, who is responsible for his part of the work. Together, this mechanism forms a single whole - a powerful and amazing ship. Which is just starting its journey. His name is Tosiqyu.

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