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Public Presale of MONK token

For the course, there's a dollar. For everything else, there's MONK.

Discover the official coin of the MONAKI ecosystem! Anyone can participate in the Presale, regardless of NFT and Whitelist. 



September 8

12:00 UTC 


September 15

18:00 UTC 

Presale -

Public Presale




After listing on the exchange, which will take place right after the token Presale - on September 16, MONK will become a full-fledged instrument of the entire Ton ecosystem. It can be exchanged on the exchange for Ton coin, as well as paid with the token on marketplaces, buying NFTs of different projects and other goods and services.



Liquidity will be given to the token immediately upon Listing on September 16 - 70% of Presale funds go to the token's liquidity pool, 30% to the Buyback & Backflow pool and token development marketing for Q4 2023.



С tokenomics of MONK can be found here



The team also provides Presale Whitelists, which entitle you to receive an additional 5% token from your total token purchase on Presale in the form of a free Airdrop after listing (2.5% split immediately and 2.5% after 30 days).


Whitelist is given only to active participants and is played in activities with project partners.


Supply (main round Presale)

Presale is allocated 1.5% (315,000 MONK) of the total supplyof 21,000,000 coins. An additional 0.5% is taken from the Marketing balance, leaving 17.5% of the supply


Supply (additional Presale round). 


If the main Presale round is sold before the allotted time for Presale, an additional round will be added in the form of an increase in the Supply for Presale from 1.5% to 4% of the total Supply - up to 840000 coins.



The price of 1 MONK token on Presale is 0.1 dollars. At the exchange rate fixed at the time of Presale opening for the entire Presale period.


Purchase restrictions - 1000 TON per wallet.


Purchase of token on Presale - for Ton coin


The price on the listing right after the Presale will be higher!


Coin Unlocking

The Preale will be held according to the coin unlocking system: 10% of token purchase will be available immediately and further 5% every 10 days.


Be the first. Be in the trend. Be MONAKI.

Anyone can participate in the Presale, regardless of NFT and Whitelist. 



If you make a maximum purchase of 1000 TON on Presale for one wallet, you get a bonus - 7% token on top of this purchase, regardless of having a Waitlist (in this case only the 7% bonus is credited. If you have a Whitelist, 5% will not be added)

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