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MONAKI: Beauties collection

March 1 - March 8 mint days

A collection of 7000 beautiful nft living on the Solana blockchain.

Set trends!

01. Staking

The Staking platform, where NFT will earn $MNK token, will be launched immediately after the mint.

02. Dressing Room

An app will be created to change your nft: you can remove and add different layers (clothing items, accessories), thereby increasing the uniqueness and value of your nft. And its value.

03. NFT Marketplace

Monaki nft marketplace - 50% income for Monaki: Beauties holders. Pre Launch April 2023.

04. Casino Monaki

50% income for Monaki: Beauties holders.

05. Staking sites constructor

for other projects on Solana & Ethereum chains. We are going to create a website builder for Staking nft. Other projects will be able to use our Staking constructor to stake their nfts. For this we will charge a weekly fee or commission. In this way we will earn income. We will be giving away 50% of the revenue from this utility to Monaki: Beauties owners. Our managers are already negotiating the connection of this service with more than 100 projects on Solana & Ethereum.

Utilities for our token $MNK

Opportunity to exchange token for various goods and services on the resources of the project partners, with an additional discount (from 10 to 30%).

The current project partners

Training platform with online courses

with replenishment of modern and relevant educational courses

Trading bot SVG

for semi-automatic cryptocurrency trading (6 crypto-exchanges, more than 2500 cryptocurrencies in total) + bot on investment signals, insights in the field of cryptocurrencies.


with different goods and services from project partners is also in development.

Possibility to use the token

Possibility of staking the token itself (30-50% p.a.)

As an investment in closed investment fund (using the fund's investment instruments, to multiply the capital).
On average, from 30% (conservative tools, with minimal risks) to 200% (aggressive tools, with high profitability, but with increased risks) of the annual income, depending on the selected tools of the fund.


Start March 1, 18:00 UTC - End March 7


Join Presale:

Price 0.75 sol

(5 nft per user + 1 free Airdrop if mint 5)

Public Sale

March 8, 16:00 utc


Price 1 sol

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