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Perhaps one of the most important areas of any success is partnerships.

It is partnerships that allow you to expand your range of visibility. Partnerships and collaborations broaden a project. They erase boundaries. They allow finding new and new vectors. Partnerships are movement!

The Next Big Thing

It is Solaland who will develop the Monaki Dressing Room utility for Monaki - a unique web3 service where you can purchase items, accessories and clothes for your nft Monaki.

Set trends!

Feature 01.

You will be able to change your nft according to your mood. Create a look. Set trends

Feature 02.

This utility will allow you to integrate different fashion brands from the real world into your Monaki world. Our managers are already working on collaborations with several well-known clothing and accessory brands

Feature 03.

Monaki Dressing Room will be available to holders immediately after the mint. I know you can't wait to hear about other collaborations. All in good time

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