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Monaki is a cultural step forward. It's not a shift. It's a flip. A 360 degree reversal of the web3 space

Monaki with its utilities will give you a pass to the closed world of the beautiful and high in the real world. Visit the best Michelin restaurants with unique offers only for Monaki owners and get haute couture accessories.


Tosiqyu is a multinational team. Our large creative, dynamic and friendly space has people from more than 7 countries: Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, USA.

And do you know what?

We love it! We do not care about the colour of the skin, we do not care about the religion of the person, we do not care about their language

What a person needs is a human being. That is our core value. It is the principle upon which our team is built. It's the principle on which our philosophy is built. We asked for a die and we chose Serbia). It is Belgrade, the Serbian capital that is the centre of Tosiqyu. Some of our members work remotely in several different corners of the globe.

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